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  • Are glass shower enclosures 100% watertight?

    Due to their nature of being frameless you will sometimes lose a small amount of water through glass to glass joints, ie where a door meets a fixed pane although there are many sealant strips available that are designed specifically for frameless glass shower enclosures so most leaks are eliminated. The small amount of water than can escape is similar to the amount of water that will run off a wet shower door when the door is opened after showering, we have installed frameless glass shower enclosures in every possible situation there is, including multiple body jets, very large shower heads and double showers and have always been able to seal each installation to the customers satisfaction.
  • What type of glass is used?

    Float glass is the most commonly used glass, normally in a thickness no less than 10mm although we always suggest you use a low iron glass as low iron glass is much clearer and has less of a green tint than float glass so makes your frameless glass shower enclosure look even more stunning and minimalistic.
  • Will I need to use safety glass?

    Yes, most definitely, although there are many types of safety glass we only use thermally toughened safety glass as it is 5 times stronger than normal glass and if it were to break it will break safely.
  • What sizes and shapes can a frameless glass shower enclosure be?

    The options are limited only by your imagination, as well as having many options of hardware types we also specialize in bespoke designs and by using our in house processes we can create virtually any shape and to any size, we can even invisibly bond glass to glass where the bond is stronger than the glass itself to give you a truly seamless design.
  • Are the hinges and handles available in different finishes?

    We have approximately 20 different finishes that we can supply your hardware in and also offer a bespoke finishing service to ensure your hardware matches other finishes within your bathroom.
  • What thickness of glass is available?

    Although we use 10mm as standard and we believe anything thinner detracts from the overall appearance and also can seem a bit flimsy we can also supply and install in 12mm, 15mm and 19mm if you prefer a chunkier look!
  • Are frameless glass shower enclosures hygienic?

    As you’ll know from your house windows, glass is exceptionally easy to keep clean and as they are frameless there’s not many places for dirt and grime to hide, if you want the ultimate in hygienically clean just ask us about Ritec ClearShield for showers which is a non-stick, easy clean coating we can apply to the glass in house to keep them looking pristine with the minimum of fuss.