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Versatile, hygienic, customisable, easy to clean, and long-lasting

  • Premium-quality glass kitchen splashbacks at competitive rates
  • Experienced and qualified installers
  • Digitally measured kitchen splashbacks ensure the highest level of accuracy
  • The largest glass kitchen splashbacks in the industry, meaning minimal joins
  • Easy, clean-coated kitchen splashbacks with Ritec ClearShield
  • Customised to meet your specific requirements
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Elevate Your
Kitchen’s Aesthetics And Functionality

Choosing the ideal kitchen glass splashback is vital for both functionality and style. Our splashback options are stunningly attractive, highly functional, and can drastically transform your kitchen space.


1. We Are Just A Call Away!

Just give us a call to discuss your requirements or receive some sound advice on kitchen splashbacks.

2. Free Estimate

We understand your project and offer you a free estimate. We will send you a letter, ensuring you have it in writing.

3. Surveying Your Kitchen

We arrange a mutually convenient time for carrying out a CAD survey to discuss your design.

4. Final Quotation

We send you the full visuals of how the completed work will appear, along with the price tag and installation date.


5. Production

Our kitchen splashbacks are manufactured with the help of state-of-the-art glass machinery, ensuring that they are better than industry standards.


6. Installation

We install your new kitchen splashback at a mutually agreed-upon date.

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7. Review

We follow up with you after the installation to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the product and our service.

Why Choose Bespoke
Glass Design?

If you want to transform the look of your kitchen, then Bespoke Glass Design is the right place to visit. Our kitchen splashbacks have a brightness that completely alters the appearance of your kitchen, making the space look brighter and better. We have a vast variety of colours from which you can choose! Our kitchen splashbacks protect your walls from splashes and are extremely resistant to high temperatures, ensuring that they don’t crack. Moreover, kitchen splashbacks are considered to be more hygienic than tiles, as splashbacks don’t have any grout lines that accumulate dirt, debris, and grease. We are the leading provider of kitchen splashbacks with an extensive range of products that revamp your space like new.

  • We have been rated the number one glass company in the UK and have over 150 Google reviews with a 5-star rating.
  • We have over 60 years of working experience in the glass industry and provide the highest grade of products at an elite level.
  • We have a remarkable trading history for providing exceptional-quality materials at competitive rates. We even offer guarantees on our products for up to 10 years.
  • We offer a full survey before offering you a customised solution, and we also provide installation services.
  • Our skilled experts offer varied splashbacks in different colours and finishes. From special painted effects to solid gloss colours and digital prints, you also get an array of toughened mirror effects.
  • All our kitchen splashbacks are digitally measured to provide you with the utmost accuracy and a perfect fit.
  • We ensure you have a single point of contact. We assign you a dedicated designer who understands your project inside out to manage everything with precision and perfection.
  • We provide you with personalised advice to unlock the hidden potential of your kitchen space.
  • If you want your project to come to life with a free quotation, VR experience, and 3D renders, then come to Bespoke Glass Design!

We are your one-stop destination for kitchen splashbacks in the UK. Now get your peace of mind by assigning us the work. From initial planning to installation, we go beyond our limits to ensure you have a smooth and flawless experience.


Stunning colours

If you wish to give the kitchen space a unique appeal, then explore our stunning range of colours. Confused about which colour to pick? Then our experts will help you get the right colour. Our skilled team of professionals spends quality time analysing which colour will work best for your kitchen space.

Generous Samples

We offer you a free sample to give you an accurate representation of the colour that would look aesthetically pleasing. Our free custom sample ensures that you get to understand the quality.

Computer Cutting

We use high-end computer-controlled machines to manufacture high-end kitchen glass splashbacks that are durable, easy to clean, and can add an aesthetic touch to your kitchen space.


Experienced Installers

We have qualified and electrically trained installers who ensure a perfect and safe installation of the customised kitchen glass splashback. The installation can be tricky, which is why our experienced staff ensures there is no room for complaint.

Our Innovative Approach

The Coloured Kitchen Glass Splashback

Our coloured kitchen splashbacks have a contemporary appeal and upgrade your walls to enhance their aesthetic appeal. They are easy to maintain and also the most requested splashbacks amongst all others. You can choose splashbacks from literally any range of colours, and the painted ones are the perfect choice that can make your kitchen a visual delight. Alternatively, you can even choose a bold colour for the kitchen space to bring your neutral and dull space back to life.

The Toughened Mirror Kitchen Splashback

This is a contemporary favourite. If you want an opulent appeal for the walls, then this will add value to your kitchen space. Mirror kitchen splashbacks are ideal for small kitchens as they give the illusion of a bigger space and come with the same advantages of a classic coloured finish. These splashbacks are tough, six times stronger than ordinary glass, hard-wearing, and heat-resistant too. You will get these splashbacks in a variety of colours, which is why you get to choose the best shade that’s perfect for your space and reflects your kitchen’s best aesthetic features.

The Toughened Antique Mirror Splashback

This is the most coveted and luxurious of all finishes. The antique mirror kitchen splashback is a unique piece of art that makes your walls come alive. They come in eight different handcrafted effects and look extremely elegant and breathtakingly beautiful. The best part is that these luxurious splashbacks are heat-resistant and extremely functional for the working kitchen space.

Digitally Printed Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

If you can imagine it, then our experts can create it. If you are looking for something really personal and unique, then these digitally printed splashbacks are totally meant for you. The possibilities are endless, and we design and manufacture any shape, size, or colour of your choice. We manufacture bespoke finishes that suit you, along with offering design recommendations and advice.

Experts in

We provide you a free, same day over the phone estimate, if you like the sound of that we arrange to carry out a full digital survey of your area and then manufacture your glass and install from there.
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