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Glass Splashbacks FAQ

What is a splashback?

A splashback is a wipe-clean surface, typically made of glass and sometimes acrylic or stainless steel, to safeguard walls from stains, grease splashes, heat, condensation, steam and other messes.

Is a glass splashback a good idea?

A glass kitchen splashback is undoubtedly a great choice. It provides homeowners with a modern and sleek look in their culinary spaces. Besides, it accompanies advantages like ease of maintenance, customisation and hygienic properties. Moreover, it is non-porous, saving kitchen walls from grease buildups due to food splashes.

How do I choose a glass splashback?

Begin by setting your budget. Then, choose a design that matches the overall style of your kitchen. Explore popular options like glass, stone, tiles and stainless steel. Lastly, consider ease of maintenance, prioritising smooth surfaces like glass over tiles with plenty of grout lines.

What is the benefit of a glass splashback?

Nothing compares to the investment in a glass backsplash for a kitchen or bathroom. It’s extremely worthwhile, both in terms of aesthetics and practicality. While it lends a creative twist, on the other hand, it proves very hygienic. Since glass is impervious to water and has a sleek and smooth surface, you can get it cleaned simply by wiping away the surface with a cloth.

Are glass splashbacks easy to clean?

Begin by setting your budget. Then, choose a design that matches the overall style of your kitchen. Explore popular options like glass, stone, tiles and stainless steel. Lastly, consider ease of maintenance, prioritising smooth surfaces like glass over tiles with plenty of grout lines.

Do you offer glass splashbacks in bespoke sizes?

Of course, we tailor splashbacks to sizes of your choice, and it’s evident from our company name, ‘Bespoke Glass Design’. We conduct a CAD survey in your bathroom or kitchen to take measurements. Based on the dimensions, we manufacture high-quality glass splashbacks and install them with specialised tools.

What colours are available for my glass splashback?

We feature stunning colours in glass kitchen splashbacks and bathroom backsplashes. Have a shade in mind? Feel free to convey it to us. We will spend our time getting it right. With Bespoke Glass Design, you can literally choose any hue from a vast colour range, and we will deliver your splashback in that exact shade to match your kitchen or bathroom.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver bathroom and kitchen splashbacks to hotels, homes, restaurants and yachts across Europe. We have also worked on projects in London and the Home Counties.

How much are glass splashbacks?

We guarantee only the best prices on our range of glass splashbacks. Enjoy an estimate of the cost on the same day with Bespoke Glass Design.

Can I measure and fit my splashback?

Yes, we have that facility where you can measure and fit your bathroom or kitchen splashback. We will only deliver in that case. However, we firmly recommend requesting a ‘survey and install’ service. Our experts measure digitally, promising you safety and the most accurate fit for glass splashbacks.

How long will my order take?

Your order for glass splashbacks will take very little time as we work with futuristic glass machinery, the latest computer-controlled devices and industry-standard adhesives.

Are glass splashbacks safe behind a hob?

Of course, a glass splashback is safe behind a hob as long as there is ample space between your pots and pans and the surface. Otherwise, constant cycles of heating and cooling may damage the glass. So, while working, we maintain as much distance as possible between a backsplash and a hob. At Bespoke Glass Design, our kitchen splashbacks are toughened and designed to be heat-resistant, perfect for any given working culinary space.

Are they heat-resistant?

As disclosed in the earlier question, all our glass kitchen splashbacks are heat-resistant. They are toughened to be six times stronger than normal glass and hard-wearing.

Are glass splashbacks better than tiles?

Tiles are hard to shape and size according to your requirements, but glasses can be perfectly cut to fulfil design standards. Since the latter never absorbs water, the chances of staining or water spots developing are rare. Moreover, it’s easy to clean glass splashbacks by wiping away the dust and grime, unlike tiles where grease settles in grouts.

How easy are they to maintain?

Glass splashbacks are tough and require very little maintenance. Cleaning takes wiping off dust and dirt. The ones designed at Bespoke Glass Design are enclosed within Ritec Clearshield, an anti-bacterial barrier. With such a shield, expect a safer and cleaner environment. While the microbial properties resist the growth of microorganisms, the non-stick surface ensures easy cleaning performance.

How do you fit glass splashbacks?

The market is a witness to two different methods of affixing glass splashbacks – adhesives and screw fixings. While the former is straightforward and complements flat surfaces the most, the latter works optimally on brick walls and rougher surfaces. At Bespoke Glass Design, we work with electrically qualified installers and specialised tools. Get a complete service, including survey and installation, while abiding by the safety measures by involving our professionals.

How do I purchase a splashback?

Placing an order for a bathroom or kitchen splashback is easy. Simply visit the website of Bespoke Glass Design and follow the three steps. The first step is to pick the bathroom and kitchen where you wish to install a glass splashback. Next, choose from ‘supply only’ and ‘survey & install’. At the end, provide your contact details and prompt a quote. We will call back and finalise the day of delivery.

Can you cut glass splashbacks to size?

While it is possible to cut toughened glass at home, we would never recommend a DIY job. Improper cutting may cause the glass to shatter. Therefore, allow professionals to shoulder the responsibility. Bespoke Glass Design is where you meet experts enjoying over 60 years of experience in cutting and shaping glasses using high-end processing machinery. It’s the right place to get your splashbacks cut and shaped. We assure you of our quality and precision.

Do you do mirrored kitchen splashbacks?

Of course, we specialise in mirrored splashbacks. We believe in lending the desired dose of opulence to your kitchen walls while creating an illusion of spaciousness. These benefits will not rob you of a classic-coloured finish, toughness, or 6x strength. Mirrored kitchen splashbacks accompany additional frills while still proving hard-wearing and heat-resistant. Given plenty of shades, enjoy the perfect tint, bringing out the best in your culinary spaces.

Why choose Bespoke Glass Design?

Why not? We are a leading glass company in the UK, and more than 150 positive reviews on Google justify the fact. With over 60 years of industry experience and up to a 10-year guarantee on our products, you can expect only the best from us. Apart from manufacturing bespoke designs for bathrooms and kitchens, we conduct full surveys and offer fitting services. We also promise our clients the most accurate fit in glass splashbacks. If you are seeking a rainbow of colours to pick from and looking forward to partnering up with electrically qualified installers, Bespoke Glass Design is the right destination.